The Brand

I started the Glo Bar brand back in 2016 after spending many years working in the beauty industry as a spray tan technician. I didn't have a single clue as to what this brand would grow into, but I did know that there was a space to fill in the sunless industry with a product that would improve the experience of all sunless tanning lovers. During my time as a spray tan artist, I discovered that so many of my clients would go days without showering (gross we know) in fear that their body cleanser would rinse off their spray tan.  


At the time, there were no good cleansing options or suggestions to offer my clients. This is when I set out on a mission to create the perfect natural Glo  Bar soap that would gently cleanse the skin without stripping the color of a sunless tan. 


I spent countless hours researching ingredients, testing out recipes and hitting the ground running to get my very first products in the hands of everyone I knew in the sunless community. In the beginning of this journey, I had no idea how to create a successful business, not to mention a brand that would be adored by other sunless tanning lovers. I worked tirelessly to make Glo Bar the BEST sunless soap on the market. One that was not only made with safe ingredients to keep your sunless tan glo-ing longer, but also one that was created with the passion and love for every single customer who would trust me to provide them with products they can believe in.


That has been the core of my mission throughout all of the years developing Glo Bar Sunless to be what it is today - one-of-a-kind products made with real ingredients for fake tans. Now I can proudly say that we have supplied over hundreds of salons all across the country with safe, all natural soap bars made with goat's milk that moisturize and cleanse, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth, without the use of harsh chemicals!


I can’t wait for you and your clients to join the Glo Bar family and fall IN LOVE with these yummy scented soap bars.